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  1. How To Annoy Everyone You Admire With Go

    Use the Twitter API and Go to something something blockchain

  2. Pairing As A Manager

  3. Keep Interfaces Small

    The best interface is the smallest possible one.

  4. Reclaiming Email

  5. How To Screw Something Up

    Screwing up hurts. Fortunately, you can screw up . . . better?

  6. Fact-checking Technical Claims

    Read the sources!

  7. Engineering Management Books

    Some that I liked, some that I didn't.

  8. Protocols and Etiquette

    What is a protocol? A protocol is a definition for how things communicate. Think of it like an etiquette.

  9. How To Write A Bug Report

    A bug report has three main parts: what you expected to see, what you saw and steps to reproduce.

  10. Starting A New Job And Noticing Things

    Being new at a job or in a role can give you superpowers.

  11. Tech Conference Speaker Q & A

    Why it might not be such a good idea.

  12. The Two Audiences of Software

    Software has at least two audiences: the users and the creators.

  13. Running React Rally

  14. Dealing With Stress

  15. Last week, 05/29/2016

    Inspired by Bonnie Eismann(who is smart and you should read) I’ve decided to start writing up things I doand read in ...

  16. Don't Write For Loops

  17. Keep A Developer Diary

  18. Cynicism and Experience

    Be experienced, not cynical.

  19. Learning, Goals and Metacognition

    Learning how to learn

  20. Threading Macros In Clojure 2: Electric Boogaloo

    More on Clojure's threading macros

  21. The Clojure Threading Macro

    What on earth does -> mean and also why doesn't it use threads

  22. An Ember Canvas Component

    How to render data to a canvas element with Ember.js

  23. RobotsConf 2013 Recap

    RobotsConf was amazing. Here are some highlights.

  24. EmberCamp 2013 Recap

    A recap of EmberCamp 2013, the first conference for Ember.js.

  25. The Categorical Distribution In JavaScript

    How to pick between lots of different things

  26. Fifty Thousand Mistakes

    How do you get good at something? You do it badly for a long time.

  27. badoop: a simple todo list in bash

    Things? OmniFocus? Chumps. Real programmers use bash to track their todos.

  28. Mocking Dependencies For Unit Testing With require.js

    How to mock dependencies to unit-test AMD modules written for require.js.

  29. Browser Code Sharing Is Terribad

    Sharing code for the browser is terribad.

  30. Developer Six Months In Review: June 2012

    Being a review of what I have done as a developer in the last six months.

  31. Turning Off GPU Acceleration In Google Chrome

    I am currently working on a strange device that has a frankensteinmutated version of WebKit. The browser doesn’t supp...

  32. Testing CofeeScript with Mocha

    Mocha is a JavaScript testinglibrary that is great. It used to just run CoffeeScript out of the box,but recently they...

  33. Convert a Vim Window to HTML

    More blogging as remembering stuff. If you want to convert a Vim bufferto HTML, syntax highlighting and color theme a...

  34. Tools Are Not Bad, Deeds Done With Them Are

    New cultural phenomenon appear regularly. Like all new things, they taketime to understand. New experiences become po...

  35. Worse Is Better: The Innovator's Dilemma In Programming Languages

    Disruptive innovation is a pattern in discovered in business, but italso plays out in programming languages.The Innov...

  36. The Value Of Higher Education

    Freeeducationalcontent is appearing at anincreasing rate. There has never been a better time to be an autodidactin co...

  37. Diversity In Technology

    Position vlog for CS 404 on diversity in technology.Position vlog for CS 404 on diversity in technology.

  38. Legality and Immorality

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teaches the generalprinciple that its members should be “subject to k...

  39. The Value Of Being Itchy

    Eric S. Raymond famouslysaid,“Every good work of software starts by scratching a developer’s personalitch.” Some peop...

  40. The Cuckoo's Egg Is About Being Relentlessly Curious

    The publisher’s blurb for The Cuckoo’s Egg says it is about “howone ingenious American trapped a spy ring paid in cas...

  41. Editing Remote Files in Vim

    You can edit remote files in Vim. I always forget how to do this, so I’mposting it here to remind myself.vim scp://us...

  42. Peeling Away Metaphors

    An electron is like a little ball orbiting a bigger ball - only it’snot. A pointer is basically an address, and deref...

  43. Security theater and The TSA

    The TSA is a bungling bureaucracy whose main purpose is to justify theirown existence. They are a budget looking for ...

  44. Digital Identity and Ownership

    Who owns a digital identity? In the real world, a name does not uniquelyidentify someone. We are happy to share the s...

  45. 'I'd be okay with censoring the Internet.'

    I was talking with some non-techies on the day of the Great Blackoutabout SOPA. Most of them had never heard of it be...

  46. Amusing Someone Else To Death

    Neil Postman said, “culture pays a price fortechnology,”and that “technology favors some people and harms others.” Gl...

  47. Running Local JavaScript Files In Chrome

    By default, Google Chrome doesn’t allow you to run JavaScript from yourfilesystem. This means that if you are testing...

  48. Testing JavaScript with Jasmine

    Being a quick guide on testing JavaScript code with a testing frameworkcalled Jasmine.Now that my JavaScript usage ha...

  49. You Either Give Back Or You Don't

    There is an interesting discussion on Hacker News right now about usingtech skills to do something meaningful. One st...

  50. LaTeX URL Links

    I had a resume. I used a perfectly good Pages template that dideverything for me. I then decided it was an efficient ...

  51. Learning Vim, or, You Will Briefly Suck At Computers

    I tried to type a document in a word processor the other day, onlyto find the document littered with `:w` and `cw` co...

  52. Theory of Computation: P and NP

    I am currently studying the theory of computation, which is afascinating subject. It turns out that there are some ri...

  53. Sinatra Authentication Roundup Part 1

    I am working on a small Sinatra application for a client that needs toauthenticate users. I found several different a...