Dealing With Stress

I am a grown adult human being, and I’ve only recently realized that I have no idea how to deal productively with stress. What I do have is an exceptional ability to get stressed out by literally anything. This usually translates into a constant feeling of being one missed email or bungled TODO away from catastrophe. This is no way to live.

Luckily, I know smart and nice people on the internet. When I asked them, they responded with great ideas.

The responses differed wildly, but fell in to a few main categories.

Go Outside

Physical Activity and Physical Health


Meditation and Mental Health

Several people also mentioned Headspace, which looks like a guided meditation app. Because I am a software developer, I am attracted to the shiny idea that the solution to my problems is only an app away. I’m definitely going to try this.

Many of you have thought deeply about how to manage stress and have figured out ways to cope productively and healthily with it. The specifics differ from person to person (sorry Aaron, probably not going fishing 🐟), but the broad similarities are encouraging. I’m going to get better at this (famous last words), and I’m glad I have your examples to learn from.