LaTeX URL Links

Aug 11, 2011

By Jamison Dance

I had a resume. I used a perfectly good Pages template that did everything for me. I then decided it was an efficient use of my time to redo it in LaTeX, so I can increase my nerd credibility.

While going about this, I wanted to link to my GitHub account in the generated PDF. Some googling found the hyperref package.




Lets all link to my site! How about

just the URL?


Looks good. What if we want different anchor text?

\href{}{Jamison's GitHub Account!}

Now off to grow suspenders and a beard.

Jamison Dance enjoys kittens, making computers smarter and the magic of children's laughter. He tweets at @jergason and GitHubs as jergason. He also podcasts on JavaScript Jabber and Soft Skills Engineering.